Saturday, July 31, 2010

F!T F!X Workout

Complete 50 Reps of the following exercises

Keg Push Ups
Keg Bent Over Row
Push Up
Jumping Pull Up
Keg Chest Press
Keg Upright Row
Kettlebell Chest Press (1 each hand)
Kettlebell Renegade Row (1 each hand)
Kettlebell Bi Curl
Kettlebell Tri Ext
Hammer Curl
Skull Crusher
Cable Bicep Curl
Cable Tricep Rope Press Down
Jumping Chin Up
Bench Dip

Select your own weights, if you do not have a keg, use a barbell. I used 30kg Keg and 12kg Kettlbells.

1 comment:

  1. Great information! I like your article. I will do this workout and hope it will increase my body strength. I also like do bench dip and push up exercise.


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